Access your templates


Just minutes after placing an order, you'll be sent an email from Templett with an access link. This email is sent to the email address attached to the order or, if you already have a Templett account, then the email is sent to the email address associated with that Templett account. Using a desktop computer, follow the link to access your template, directly in your browser.

lease check your spam folder if you can't find it. Please make sure to manually refresh your email inbox, otherwise incoming emails can take longer to arrive, depending on your email settings.  If you already have a Templett account, you can simply login (approx 5-10 minutes after purchase) to access your template. 

Please allow up to 10 minutes to receive the access link email. Generally, the email is sent within just a few minutes though.


If you don't have access to your e-mail anymore then there's still a way to get access to your purchased templates. To get access to your new Templett account, you'll need two things.

1. The email attached to the order.
2. The order number.

Then go to the Templett login page here

Enter the email attached to your order and click Continue.
If your account is NOT yet active, you'll see a message below the Continue button. Click the link titled: "Don't have access to this email?".

Then, enter the order number and click Continue.

If you've entered the correct email attached to the order and the correct order number, you'll gain access to your account. On the next page, you can update your email address, set a password for your account and gain access to your purchased templates.

If you still cannot seem to get into your account, please contact me at